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Little Marvel Records from Woolworth's

Oh Dem Golden Slippers

A sixpenny Little Marvel from Woolworth's

Little Marvel records like this one in a plain greaseproof sleeve sold in increasingly large numbers in Woolworth stores from 1921-28Little Marvel Gramophone Records like this one were produced for F. W. Woolworth by the Vocallion Gramophone Record Company between 1921 and 1928F.W. Woolworth sold Little Marvel records in Great Britain and Ireland between 1921 and 1928. The discs were double-sided with a topical track on Side A, for which a halfpenny royalty was paid, indicated by a stamp, and a bought-out title on Side B. Early records were 5½" in diameter, later ones grew to 6" allowing twenty seconds extra playing time.

Like Mimosa they had greaseproof-bag style unprinted sleeves and sold for sixpence. The discs were produced for Woolworths by the British subsidiary of Vocalion, who also sold larger, more expensive records in the UK under their own Brunswick label.


The record you are sampling is:

Little Marvel 5½" : Oh Dem Golden Slippers

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Little Marvel 5, 5400: Oh Dem Golden Slippers



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