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'The Good Ship Lollipop', celebrating a century of pic'n'mix, candy and countlines at Woolworth's A century of affordable toys and games from Woolworth's stores in this short movie 'The Easter Parade', celebrating a century of Woolworth's fashions, from paper patterns to fashionable Ladybird clothes 'Memory Card', showing some of the selection of Greeting Cards that were sold at Woolworth's in the 1930s 'In and out the windows' - street-side displays of toys from 1930 to 1960 'The Last Noël' celebrating a hundred Christmases at Woolworth's 'The Wonder of Woolworth' advertising campaign by Allen, Brady and Marsh from the 1970s Woolworth pioneered the 'parade of stars' style of advertising. See how many celebrities you recognise today We've recreated Woolworth's first British tv commercial from 1959, based on original documents and the soundtrack Meet the 1980s management of the British Woolworth and put faces to some of the names mentioned here in the Woolworths Museum Meet the team who built Woolworths' British profits to over £100m in the 1990s The Ugly Duckling story of how Woolworths in Kingston-upon-Thames, S.W. London, morphed from the worst to the best in town in 2003 Videos proved to be the salvation of Woolworths in the late 1980s and 1990s. This film shows the original trailer, which may not look like much, but went on to generate over £1bn of business over the next twenty years! From £100m annual profit to absolute zero, meet the team who helped Trevor Bish-Jones to 'turn Woolworths around' (to face nowhere) Wooly and Worth it - a lighthearted celebration of the Noughties advertising brand characters and the work of the BBH Agency The charity that became the heart of Woolworths in the late 1990s and inspired the staff to many good deeds up to and beyond 2008



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The Good Ship Lollipop (Sweets)


Century of Toys


Easter Parade (Fashion)


The Last Noël (Xmas)


Video Launch


Advertising and Marketing:


First Commercial


The Wonder of Woolworth


Star Parade





Wannabeee (Wooly & Worth)








The Noughties


Ugly Duckling store transformation 2003


Staff work for Kids First Charity