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For many years Woolworths bosses considered their stores' windows to be the most important display space of all. Great effort went into designing layouts and dressing the windows as often as twice a week. Our short video shows a few of the toys and leisure displays from the heyday in the 1930s. It's embedded using HTML5 and video.js. Enjoy!


Videography by 3d and 6d Pictures Ltd. for the Woolworths Museum. © Copyright 2002-2016, all rights reserved.


"Sell a toy, spread some joy", Frank W. Woolworth, Proprietor


Cinema content at a glance


The Good Ship Lollipop (Sweets)

Century of Toys

Easter Parade (Fashion)

The Last Noël (Xmas)

Video Launch

Advertising and Marketing:

First Commercial

The Wonder of Woolworth

Star Parade


Wannabeee (Wooly & Worth)




The Noughties

Ugly Duckling store transformation 2003

Staff work for Kids First Charity


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