The Woolworths Museum

1950s Pic'n'Mix

Colleagues serve on the pic'n'mix sweet counter in an F. W. Woolworth store in the 1950s

Caught on camera - Woolorths colleagues working on the firm's signature pic'n'mix department in the 1950s. At the time the sweets were sold by the quarter pound (114g) at three different price points, 5d (2¼p), 7d (2¾p) and 10d (4½p)


A glass personal service pic'n'mix island counter at the Portsmouth branch of F.W. Woolworth in 1950. Some of the product signs show the words "Point Free" highlighting those items which were not rationed at the time.


The glass pic'n'mix island counter in the new look Portsmouth store in 1950. As well as wrapped sweets, the display includes loose nuts, mis-shape chocolates and broken biscuits. Close inspection shows a sign with the words "POINTS FREE" indicating that one or more products on show was exempt from rationing which was still in effect at the time.


Two Woolworth workers show off the range of Pic'n'Mix Candy at the Pier Road, Erith, Kent store in the UK


For comparison this picture shows the weigh-out sweets counter and its staff in the much smaller store at Pier Road, Erith, Kent


Candy service in Woolworths Northwich, Cheshire in the mid 1950s

Friendly service was also evident in the Northwich, Cheshire store in the mid Fifties


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