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'The Missouri Waltz'

(Hawaiian Guitar Duet, Little Wonder 739



Little Wonder gramophone records brought recorded music to North American dimestore customers. They were introduced during World War I and continued to sell well into the 1920sThe reverse side of Little Wonder records were blank (unlike their more expensive rivals) save occasionally for the supplying store's sticker like in this case the Woolworth store in Toronto Canada

Little Wonder records caused a sensation in North American 5 & 10¢ stores between 1915 and 1923.

They were single-sided and ran for just over a minute. Because of their small size they play at 80rpm. Early discs measured 5", later ones 5½".

These discs had no sleeves and sold for 10¢. Many different styles of music were included. Some, like this one, show the shortcomings of the original mechanical recording process, which struggles with the quiet instrumental.


The record you are sampling is:

Little Wonder 739: The Missouri Waltz (Hawaiian Guitar Duet)

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Little Wonder 739 The Missouri Waltz




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