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Sweets, drinks and ice-cream View the pick and mix counter Christmas seasonal Christmas seasonal Stationery, Greeting Cards and Books Stationery, Greeting Cards and Books View the customer restaurant View the customer restaurant Toiletries and cosmetics Pictures, artificial flowers and fancy goods Pictures, artificial flowers and fancy goods Toy Displays Wool and Haberdashery Records and Music Kidswear, ladieswear and menswear China, glass and Homemaker Pots, pans, buckets and bowls Food and Groceries Paint, polish, tools, electrical and home repair Paint and polish, tools and hardware, electricals and curtain track View the store from outside



Please click a counter in the 3D store plan above to see what that part of a Woolworth store looked like in the 1950s ....


By clicking above you can explore a large Woolworth store sixty years ago.  Each department has its own set of pictures, and there are also images of the exterior of the store (by clicking the fascia under the image) and the restaurant (by clicking the triangular up-arrows).

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Cards, stationery and books

Wool and haberdashery

Children's, Men's and Ladies' Fashions


China and Glassware


Kitchen and Homewares

Paint, DIY and Repair


Building the store

Grand staircase


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