The Woolworths Museum

1950s Sweets, Drinks and Ice Cream

A display of sweets, drinkas and ices in the F. W. Woolworth store at Portsmouth in 1950


Sweets, drinks and ice cream were arranged along the wall close to the store entrance to form a kind of take-away shop. Ice cream cones at 2D (1p) each had been held at the same price since the range was launched more than thirty years earlier in 1920 !


Many familiar 21st century confectionery brands first went on sale during the 1950s. This close-up picture dates from 1956.

In this close-up of part of the sweet display, you can see the 1950s versions of many of today's favourites, including:

Nestlé's Milk Chocolate and Milky Bar
Rowntree (Nestlé) Aero and Smarties
Cadbury Dairy Milk, Bournville and Whole Nut
Maltesers, Bounty and Treets (M&Ms) from Mars.

The Mars Bar at 4D (2p) was great value and proved particularly popular with hungry shoppers.


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