The Woolworths Museum

1950s Xmas Decorations, Cards and Wrap

Calendars and Wrapping Paper on sale at Christmas 1950 in the newly re-opened Woolworth's at Portsmouth


The display of Christmas Cards and Wrapping Paper in the new Woolworth store at Portsmouth at Christmas 1950. The hanging display was a new idea that was quickly extended across the chain. In some stores it was assembled specially for the Christmas season, while in others it served as a lighting canopy to display shades and lamps for the rest of the year.


The Christmas Decorations at the Portsmouth store were displayed under the lighting canopy, which was used to sell shades and lamps during the rest of the year. The lights give the decorations an almost surreal shine.  Close inspection will reveal a number of post-war austerity measures which were still in force when the picture was taken in 1950


The range of Christmas Decorations was still restricted by post-war austerity measures in 1950. Despite this the store managed to display the range to advantage, using their new lighting canopy.


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